Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

NBA expands reach into Asia with Rakuten partnership

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has partnered with Japanese online retailer Rakuten, Inc. for a multi-year partnership. As part of the partnership, Rakuten will be the global marketing partner of NBA, as well as the league’s exclusive distribution partner in Japan for all live NBA games. The move marks the NBA’s most comprehensive media partnership in Japan and Rakuten’s first with a North American sports league. As its global marketing partner, Rakuten will create NBA and team zones, as well as sell team merchandise globally. Rakuten Viber, the company’s instant messaging platform, will also be the official platform for the NBA and its teams, providing more than 900 million users with access to league content.

Additionally, Rakuten will oversee the league’s premium live game subscription service, NBA League Pass, exclusively to its members in Japan through the NBA website, NBA app and Rakuten TV. In a statement to Marketing, Rakuten’s spokesperson said the company has had a strong relationship with sports. It added that it believes that sports has the ability to improve cultural barriers and inspire consumers. Recently, Rakuten entered a jersey sponsorship deal with the Golden State Warriors. The company also has ownership of Japan’s Vissel Kobe soccer club and Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team. It also became the main global partner and official innovation and entertainment partner for the soccer team, FC Barcelona. “Our new relationship with Rakuten speaks to the appetite that our passionate fans in Japan have for live NBA games and content, and we look forward to working with Rakuten to provide the most comprehensive NBA coverage to date,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver, said.

Event Planning Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

Last fall Snap developed a device for IOS and Android users to share content through a pair of shades. Known as Spectacles, the user is able to create video content that mimics the movement of the human eye via a 115-degree wide-angle lens. Pressing a button on the top of the glasses records a 10-second video up to three times. Storing up to 10 videos at a time, the footage can be synced to Snapchat over Wi-Fi or over Bluetooth for iPhone users.  Pushing experiential marketing to a whole new level, Spectacles not only tells a memorable story through first person perspective, but it enhances the onsite “in the moment” experience that is so fondly sought after. It allows brands and fans alike to document their experience without having to take out their phones and stray away from the moment.  Having significant potential in the event space, Spectacles can be found online in limited quantities or in a bright yellow, traveling vending machine called ‘Snapbots’ across the United States and Europe.

Social Impact Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

All companies have a responsibility to hold themselves to a social standard. For what they are making, there must be a strategy in place to help the company from within and out. This concept is more important now than ever; considering the opinions of stakeholders are getting more and more controlling of what the company does. When I say this, I mean that stakeholders have an influence on their company, and although it could be perceived negatively, companies need to plan more of their social strategy around their stakeholders. “Too often corporate responsibility is looked at and discussed broadly, relying on sweeping aggregate-level research and analysis to gauge its effectiveness and method of execution...Now is the time for companies to realign both internally and with their outside audiences to unity social good with hard-nosed commercial value” (Bhattacharya). Companies need to narrow their focus, be more strategic with their plan, and ultimately the company will be more successful in fulfilling their social responsibility making an impact. Overall, this will help the company’s rapor, the stakeholders will be pleased, and ultimately society will be benefited.


Sales Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

This week’s article is from an article called, To Be a Better Salesperson Be a Nicer Person, and it is exactly as the title sounds.  Sometimes when it comes down to it, a salesperson can develop all of the skills they want, but if they really want to be successful, they have to be kinder and nicer.  One way to show trust and kindness is to stick to your own method, don’t change what you are saying based on the customer, stick to one route and make it your own.  Another good tip to increase your likability, practice your facial expressions and work on your smile.  A quick way for a customer to have trust and see you as a kind person, something small that goes a long way.  And lastly, a good way to show the customer you are kind and actually care is to practice your curiosity.  Be interested and make sure to let them know you’re interested, it can make a big difference in the customer’s mood to you.  If you want them to be happy and helpful, you must be nice and caring to start.

Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

This article primarily focuses on how video is becoming the most leading form of media in the industry today. Every single person has or should have an interest in this topic. The aspect of video within digital marketing ultimately affects everyone in some way or another whether they are simply just a spectator or user of social media or a high-ranking marketing executive. 

When society consumes media, it revolves around several different video types. Stats are given to help explain that the average number of hours per person spent consuming media is 10 hours and 39 minutes. This is an outstanding number considering there are only 24 hours in one day, meaning almost half of our day is spent consuming media in some way or another. Today, some of the most prominent forms of social media have seen major transformations in the video aspect of digital media. The industry has focused on the fact that video is the most important form of media because of how much and how fast it has been rising in recent years. Some examples of this include how much Apple has been improving its camera and FaceTime quality and YouTube offering free way to post personal videos and do much more.

Currently, 22.2 million Americans will cut there cable this year alone. This illustrates just how relevant digital videos, streaming services, and social media are becoming. Overall, digital marketing is primarily being dominated by the infinite amount of use for video in social media and will continue to rise in relevance and popularity.

CMU Blog: Week of 10/16/2017

In recent news, Amazon Inc. is partnering with suppliers to launch a private-label sportswear line.  According to people familiar with the matter, Amazon has been building partnerships with similar suppliers as Gap and other large apparel companies.  This is bad news for large players in the sportswear industry who are already experiencing a downward trend in sales such as Nike, and Lululemon.  This is a new project, and there are no contracts signed, however Amazon is looking at samples from the suppliers to test the feasibility of this launch.  Amazon plans on using their new active wear line to fill inventory gaps from large brand names, meaning that if they cannot find a specific article of clothing from a big brand, Amazon wants that business.  This may also force the hand of other sportswear companies who do not currently sell on amazon.  Currently, 16% of clothes are bought online, meaning that if the consumer cannot find a companies product on the website, they may turn to purchasing the alternative offered by Amazon, bringing more companies to Amazon’s e-commerce site.  This is not the first time that Amazon has ventured into private label clothing, however this new sportswear line is sure to make its impact in the industry.



Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 10/9/2017

With new arena, Bucks look to market Milwaukee

Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state of Wisconsin and has many attractions for people to see such as the art museum, Harley Davidson, Summerfest, the State Fair, Miller Park and much more. The Milwaukee Bucks are currently finalizing construction on a new arena, the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center in downtown Milwaukee.  The $524 million multi-purpose venue began construction in June 2016, and completion is expected in 2018. The new arena will be home to the Bucks but also to the Marquette Golden Eagles men's basketball team for the 2018-2019 season. This project is however much more than just basketball. Team and arena executives want to get major entertainment acts to stop in Milwaukee. The Bucks and Golden Eagles are currently playing their home games in the BMO Harris Bradley Center which is where a lot of our concerts are as well. The arena is 30 years old which is outdated compared to other NBA arenas. Now that a new state of the art arena will soon be complete, there will be major performers and international acts that will want to stop in Milwaukee. Along with the success of the Bucks, the new arena will serve as an avenue for new opportunities in development and growth in Milwaukee. “We don’t think there’s any reason why — especially logistically, geographically, monetarily — we (couldn’t) get the music acts. Part of the reason we haven’t is because we haven’t been out there to tell our story, to market, to sell,” Feigin said. “That’s really what we’re doing.” The city of Milwaukee is starting to revamp itself into a destination spot for many individuals in years to come. With large events like those along with concerts, family friendly performances, and more, it will greatly promote and market the city of Milwaukee as a great place for events and will greatly help the city’s economic state.



Social Impact Blog: Week of 10/9/2017


How Social Impact Strategy Might Save the World by Mike Canarelli


As the great, money-making companies of our society keep making money, they face the wrath of rebellious consumers. If the company is not paying enough attention to the world outside of them and pulling their weight as to being socially responsible, customers will respond. Before I get too far into it, companies may have a plan CSR, corporate social responsibility, policy but that does not mean they have a “social impact strategy”. The definition of a social impact strategy, by the author, is: “A new kind of intellectual framework, social impact strategies allow companies to view their brand from a different perspective in order to constantly reassess their external and internal engagement operations” (Canarelli). In other terms, it is a basic plan for a company to ensure that they are staying up-to-date and involved both within and outside of their companies to ultimately make a difference greater than the company itself. Now this is no longer “just a goal” for the company, but a priority with numbers and strategic planning behind it to stay on track. Truly, this idea could be world changing. When larger corporate companies start carrying more weight within society, more houses could be built by Habitat for Humanity, or more money can be donated to cancer research to find a cure. By following a social impact strategy, the company itself builds their own rapport, potentially avoids and eliminates the wrath, and ultimately makes a difference in the world around us.